We Kill Bed Bugs

Beyond bed bugs sole mission is to allow people to rid there home of bed bugs quickly and without spending $1000s. Bed Bugs have been on the rise around the world and have skyrocketed in denser populated areas. Through studies, interviews and extensive personal experience beyond bed bugs has found a way to climate bed bugs once and for all.

After reading our guides and learning about non harmful extremely effective products you will be able to take back control of your home and win the war against bed bugs.

Kill em' all!

Nathan Avers


Travel. Killing vampire bugs. Allowing humans to sleep better.

Jimmy Calimata


Head of Products
Ex Orkin. Bringer of death to all pests. Known as "he who must not be named" to bed bugs.

Mandy Lesco


DIY Addict. Entomology Major @ UIC 2016. Known to kill bed bugs with as little as a glance.