So you looking to go the organic route and are curious if tea tree oil will kill bed bugs.

Will this work? NO!

Tea Tree oil & Bed Bugs: Fake News

While there are many natural remedies that will work using tea tree oil in everyday life. Killing bed bugs with tea tree oil is not one of them. Tea tree oil is 100% ineffective for this application.

Many sites will tell you that diluting tea tree oil 90/10 in a spray bottle with water will work but do not believe the hype. This is, as we say today, FAKE NEWS.

Please do not fall for the so called snake oil salesmen. Many will push these and attempt to ride on the trends of the organic movement. However, bed bugs are not meant to be played around with. If you have been at war with the bed bugs for several days to many weeks you like us do not care any more and want them all dead and burned.

Organic Bed Bug killers that work

While many natural remedies including tea tree oil, lavender and sage will not work. There is one organic substance that is completely effective at eradicating bed bugs.

This substance is Diatomaceous Earth.


Diatomaceous Earth is a white powdery substance comprised of the exoskeletons of dead bugs. How does Diatomaceous Earth (DE) work? You will place small lines of DE along the floorboards, near outlets and around the feet of your bed. When the bed bug encounters the powder it acts as razor blades first slicing there shells apart and then removing every last bit of moister from their bodies. This will kill them.

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Keep up the good fight. As we say at beyond bed bugs. Kill em’ all!


Do not use tea tree oil for eradicating and killing bed bugs 😉


Mandy Lesco

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